Everyone Deserves To Be Happy

I've been studying positive psychology since before there was a word for it. In my teen years, I became deeply interested in world religions and spirituality, how the brain works in relation to ourselves and our community, and how people could use their minds to increase happiness and life satisfaction.

I've always been passionate about justice, equality, and fairness. I feel a strong connection to nature and the outside world, and the peace and serenity found there. Over the years, I persevered through physical and emotional setbacks, developing personal resiliency and empathy for those suffering from trauma. I have always been interested in self-improvement, psychology, and the interplay of mind and body; and have studied these topics since my teens. As a high school English teacher for over a decade, I encouraged young adults to develop compassion, and to search for truth within themselves. A late blooming athlete, I trained for and ran several marathons, and took up cycling at 43. I consider myself a Happiness Advocate, supporting others in their journeys to overcome setbacks, try new things, and continue to grow.

Specialty Areas

  • body image and self-esteem

  • healthy relationship with food and eating

  • alcohol-free and sober living

  • overcoming addiction

  • communication skills and relationship building

  • career satisfaction

  • grief

  • integrating physical activity and exercise into your life

  • creating and affirming a personal spiritual practice

  • healthy sexuality and sexual identity

  • gender identity