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The Journey is the Destination

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Through individualized support and a variety of science-backed, research-based tools and strategies, I can help you overcome barriers and develop the skills and mindset to start living a fuller, happier life today.

What is Integrative Wellness and Life Coaching?

A life coach uses inquiry and discussion with a client to discover their goals, what may be holding them back from achieving those goals, and how best to make attainable steps towards achieving those goals. A life coach works with a client where they are now to get to where they want to be. Each session begins with a check-in and discussion, may include a demonstration or practice of a strategy appropriate for the client and situation (such as visualization or writing), and ends with some kind of action step the client can take to make progress towards their goals. Coaching may be short-term or long-term, and once a relationship is established with your coach, you will always be able to contact them for a "check-in," "brush-up," or series of sessions should you feel the need for further support in the future. Whereas some coaches may focus solely on nutrition, fitness, career, or mindset; an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach is trained to help clients move towards balance in all areas, holistically.

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