Kids and Teens

Differentiating and separating from parents is a natural part of child development.

Sometimes you might wish for or need support in talking to your child

because they are holding back, or you feel uncomfortable talking about certain topics, or any other reason. You and your child might be in roles that make it challenging for you two to communicate openly, fully, and productively. As a high school teacher for over a decade, I am comfortable and experienced with working with teens and youth in general.

I can coach your child just as I would any adult, and...

I can also help you talk to your child.

I can help you overcome awkward feelings that might crop up in talking about development, sexuality, and anything else that might be hard for you; so YOU can have these conversations with your child.

I can talk to your child about

  • puberty

  • sexuality and sexual orientation

  • finding direction

  • self-esteem and body image

  • relationships

  • and all the same areas of support I offer to adults.